June eagle

Eagle and snag

Another test drive for my little Lumix camera. It zooms pretty well but the crops aren’t all I’d hope for.

Ok. I’ll admit it. I’ve only printed up about half the Lumix manual and studying it on a screen just doesn’t do it for me. And you’d think I’d have learned this lesson from decades of college test stress dreams: you can’t learn a darned thing if you don’t attempt to study.

5 thoughts on “June eagle”

  1. I’ve got word my new (old) little Lumix is on its way. Can’t wait to try it out. Would you send some cooperative eagles down to Florida? We’ve got some but they are far and few between and not very cooperative.

  2. Wing it? Is Jack talking about the regal eagle or the manual? I usually consult the manual when I need to learn something.

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