It’s a small peeve in a world crushed in a vice grip of problems. Two burgers, toss the lettuce and onion. Drinks. Fries. A bag. Napkins. Don’t bother to find a bin for any of it. Just trash a nice natural area for everyone who comes behind you.

Go home. And take your garbage with you.

9 thoughts on “Slobs”

  1. I get even by picking it up and and put it in the trash can. 🙂 If I find any food I leave it out for the animals.

  2. I’m with you. This kind of thing makes me furious. The funny thing is I’ve seen the inside of cars that these people drive and they look just like the road. So, I think they’re just stupid as well as being oblivious.

  3. I agree! I have even sent in some RAVES to the paper when I see folks picking it up…roadside angels! I always wonder about their homes also, do they just lob there trash onto the floor? (Probably)

  4. I agree! I used to say to my kids “what if everyone that passed this way left that same amount of trash – then what would we have?” – and now with children of their own they still will pick up after the slobs.

  5. Taking care of our world is important in both big and little things. Too bad some folks have so little regard for their environment.

  6. When I lived in California, because the taxes on trash was so high (yes you read that right) we used to see people literally lobbing their trash out of their car as they drove along. One time we had to swerve to miss all the trash they were flinging out of their windows. Numerous times we saw huge “junk yards” right alongside the freeway where people would just drop off their recliners, washer and dryers, microwaves, and of course huge amounts of old clothes. It disgusted me.

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