Insert money, punch numbers

Sun Lakes State Park
Sun Lakes State Park

Here’s a novelty. Remember when you could find phone booths here and there? There was no cell phone reception at Sun Lakes State Park. Nice of them to provide an option though I couldn’t check my email on it. Forget Google.

5 thoughts on “Insert money, punch numbers”

  1. One does not see many of these any more. We had one in downtown Ocala but the last I looked that was gone, too! Nice shot. It looks rather strange out in the middle of nowhere!

  2. I have read a couple of times that some communities are requiring the phone companies to leave some of these in service even though they don’t pay their way, just because some people can’t afford cell phones and need access to phone booths for emergencies.

  3. An interesting item that soon will be gone I’m sure. I remember well hunting up a phone booth to try and connect with someone and thinking I’d never find one – and then there would be one at a lonely gas station and I didn’t really want to be there. Love cell phones.

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