Trail reroute

The trail along the Dungeness Recreation Area bluffs continues to erode, chunk by chunk. Before this part of the trail was rerouted we were shocked to suddenly discover a gap alongside it where land had previously been.

Trail hole

The margin of vegetation previously extended alongside the trail where the land now has a gaping hole. Wind, erosion, sandy soil, and waves pounding at the base of this cliff take their toll. Terra firma isn’t so firm here.

Incidentally, the curve of white you see in the distance in these shots is the surf hitting the Dungeness Spit, the longest natural sand spit in the United States. At its tip, a bit over 5 miles in the distance, is the (unseen) New Dungeness Light Station.

5 thoughts on “Rerouted”

  1. Well, that would be a bit of a surprise to some unsuspecting person walking along the trail! Glad that it is secured for the moment. A shame, though, that the trail is being eroded to such an extent. Do you ever get up to the spit area to take photos?

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