Nursery lemmings

Sunny Farms veg 1

Spring days bring out gardeners around here. String together a few warm days and they come out in droves. Though it can be hard to guess whether we’re yet past frosty nights, suddenly the garden beckons. First browse Sunny Farms Nursery.

Sunny Farms veg 2

It’s not hard to spend a long time circling the store. Stupice tomatoes? Early girls? Is this the year to plant peppers? What was that kale we liked so much?

I’ve got the garden mostly planted. (Mostly…what’s taking the squash so long to germinate?!) The next trick is fitting in the irresistible trades I make with other gardeners.

5 thoughts on “Nursery lemmings”

  1. We stopped at a Lowe’s store a couple of days ago and the place was jammed. And it’s a huge store! People were buy all kinds of things – lawn equipment, patio furniture, lumber, plants and flowers of every kind. It felt like I was Christmas shopping!

    I’d guess it’s that way everywhere at this time of year. I enjoy you your garden.

  2. I like this season up north, where I am heading in about 10 days. It holds the promise of rebirth. Hope your garden turns out well this year.

  3. My parents had a vegetable garden for many years, even when they moved up north. That ended when the deer hopped the fence and had their way with the crop.

  4. I like that term – I’ve noticed that the garden shops and nurseries fill up fast on sunny days. I read somewhere that around 75% of the plants bought on these early sunny days are never planted – instead left to dry up, wilt and die. That’s sad – and I always make every effort to get my purchases planted as soon as possible. Your garden sounds great.

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