Theme Day: Smell

Collage people

Today’s theme day challenge, “smell,” could take many pictorial forms: lush flowers, food, icky stuff. I choose to go to the source. What’s a smell without a nose to identify, reject, or savor it? And don’t noses take wonderful and interesting forms? Two of the noses above belong to siblings but they are each entirely unique.

Collage animals

And in the Department of Noses, humans routinely come in rather inferior to animals in what can be discerned in a sniff.

Click here to see other photo interpretations of “smell” from around the world.

12 thoughts on “Theme Day: Smell”

  1. Great collection of sniffers for today’s theme day! I love that you included animals. (You’re right…they usually have such a superior sense of smell. Although ,with yours truly, most anything probably has a better olfactory system.) : ) I can’t help but wonder how you enticed your human models to pose for a schnoz shot….! Well done.

  2. I studied the honks, but I don’t think I saw the Kay honk. Of course, most of the time that honk is covered by a DSLR.

    A creative take on the “smell” theme. Tough one, wasn’t it?

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