Raspberry consolation

Dutch baby

I made Dutch babies the other day. I’ve posted about them before. They’re delicious breakfast souffles that I make from time to time, usually topped with seasonal fruit, and sometimes lemon curd. See the raspberries on this? I picked them fresh last summer and froze them for a moment like this, sometime long after raspberry season when summer still feels too far away.

I’m almost counting the days until berries here come into season again. You better believe it’s worth waiting for.

7 thoughts on “Raspberry consolation”

  1. If I thought that I could get something like this in a cafe, I’d run out right now but I guess I’ll have to settle for just a latte. Bet it is as delicious as it looks!!

  2. I think I’ve had this… it looks familiar, like something my mother made.

    There’s a farmer here at our farmer’s market who makes pies and tarts… raspberry tarts are quite a welcome snack!

    1. Jody, Google “Seattle Dutch Babies” and you’ll find recipes. I think I found mine at All Recipes.com. I’ve adjusted mine to accommodate baking them in small casseroles.

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