Parliament peek-a-boo

Parliament peekaboo

One of the prominent features in Victoria B.C.’s Inner Harbour area is the Parliament Building. The building is topped by a golden statue of Captain George Vancouver, the English explorer who surveyed the coastal Pacific Northwest and after whom Vancouver Island is named. Here you see Captain Vancouver peeking over the top of Parliament.


Variously called neo-baroque, Renaissance Revival and Romanesque Revival, the building was designed by Francis Rattenbury and completed in 1897.

5 thoughts on “Parliament peek-a-boo”

  1. I love these sturdy-looking old buildings. One must figure that important things go on in them! This one could use a little power washing, though. 🙂 One day I hope to see this part of the world. Meanwhile, I will enjoy and appreciate what you have to share with us!

  2. A most substantial building. If they can ever find the money to clean the building, I’ll bet it would be dazzling.

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