Yellow and more yellow


Here is a blossom, another part of the life cycle of the dandelion which I featured in yesterday’s post. Our neighborhood is virtually paved with these blossoms this time of year. You can see in this shot that there are two more blossoms opening and another bud nearby. They’re no sooner mowed than up they pop again, brightening the landscape in yellow blossoms. Frankly, I think they duck under mower blades and pop up laughing, “Gotcha, sucker!”

5 thoughts on “Yellow and more yellow”

  1. Considered a weed by many but I think they are beautiful. When growing in a mass together they produce a awesome sea of yellow.

  2. I took pictures of dandelions today too – seems the countryside is carpeted with them. So cheery and bright. One man was out mowing them down and I think I could hear them taunting him as they ducked beneath the mower.

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