I saw Annie as she walked across a parking lot recently. She was a dog to stop people in their tracks and start a conversation with her person.

Annie 2

Annie is a Bergamasco sheepdog, a rare breed with an interesting history. It has several kinds of hair that grows and weaves together like dreadlocks as the pooch matures. It feels woolly to the touch. The breed historically guarded and herded sheep, originally in Asia, and eventually ended up in the Italian alps. The breed is considered friendly, intelligent, peaceful, and balanced. Annie seemed all of these things. As different as she looks she is one of the cutest dogs I’ve seen in a long time.

7 thoughts on “Annie”

  1. Grat headshot! I think that maintenance for Annie is a full-time job. Brushing and combing to avoid matting and tangle must be very time consuming on a daily basis! Looks like she’s worth it, tho.

    1. Kate, the dreadlocks are natural to the breed; it would be impossible to brush and comb them out. Annie’s owner bathes her once a year and clips each dreadlock to about two inches in length. That’s it.

  2. She is a beautiful dog. Like Kate, I thought she might be a nightmare for maintenance. I am surprised that a dog with a coat like that doesn’t require a huge amount of care.

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