Ross Hamilton

Ross Hamilton

Last night one of the Olympic Peninsula’s premier photographers, Ross Hamilton, spoke at the Sequim Library. Hamilton recorded the beauty of our area for 45 years; many of the most indelible images of the Olympic Peninsula have come from his camera. Last night he shared some of these images and explained his philosophy. This was his second presentation for the library. The first was standing room only with many disappointed people turned away. Knowing this we arrived early…and were lucky to find seats at the back of the room. Ross is justifiably well loved. Sadly vision loss has ended his photo gathering but he still produces gorgeous and popular calendars.

6 thoughts on “Ross Hamilton”

  1. How generous of him to share his time, ideas and experience with the general public. And, how wonderful that it took place in a library (I am a HUGE fan of libraries and public programs. . .wish there were more!).

  2. I would have enjoyed this session very much! Glad that he’s still involved even though he’s no longer taking photos!

  3. I bet it was interesting to hear his stories. So tragic about his eyesight. I’m glad he’s still involved with photography and the community.

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