Construction zone


We’ve been doing some remodeling in our shop lately. DH has done more than his share of heavy lifting and is our general contractor. Our eyes dance as we plan projects like this. We do know what we’re getting into. But it doesn’t truly sink in until a day or two into it, many Excedrins later. We’re getting too old for this.

7 thoughts on “Construction zone”

  1. Good luck! You’ve got more optimism and fortitude than I do. I start quivering in fear when I think of remodeling or anything close to it!

  2. We’ve long ago come to that same conclusion. Fortunately we have 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 2 grandsons (a ‘tween and a teen) so we have lots of help when needed. We are planning a covering (porch) over part of our deck this spring – I draw the plans and get the approval of the park and the family does the work. Fine with me. I’ll fix them a big chicken enchilada dinner. Now have to find that big chicken. 🙂

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