Indoor tidepooling

Anemone elegant

The Feiro Marine Life Center in Port Angeles allows visitors to take a close look at tidepool creatures without the hazards of slippery rocks and crashing waves. And the closer look an aquarium offers allows a glimpse at the stunning beauty and diversity of underwater life. For me anemones are a case in point.This one is aptly called an elegant anemone.

Anemone green

This is a giant green anemone.

Anemone pink

And I think this is a fish eating anemone. They’re not as benign as they may appear.

Click here if you’d like more information about tidepool life and where to tidepool on the Olympic Peninsula.

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  1. They are certainly colorful but I’ll keep my distance!

    Re your comment on Ocala: Very funny. Actually, there’s just as many confessions going on in the Catholic church these days but they mostly involve the priests confessing to the congregations! ๐Ÿ™‚

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