Visit to a chandlery

Longship Marine

Over the years I’ve been with my mariner I’ve spent time in a variety of chandleries, supply stores that cater to boats and boating. Classic shops have an assortment of new goods. The best, though, have had wondrous assortments of used items. In more recent years the shops with used goods have begun to vanish, making it ever harder for DH to find some of the finer items he wants that are sometimes no longer even made. I was pleased to discover Longship Marine on one of my trips to Poulsbo and we made a point of visiting recently. The shot above gives a sense of the place. Sort of a marine flea market…filled with a combination of basics and the occasional oddity.

Fake block

Beyond the cash register was an oddity: a block used in the film “Master and Commander.” There was only one left so hurry in if it’s a must have. By the way, it is functionally useless.

Real blocks

Don’t worry, Longship does have the real thing too.

6 thoughts on “Visit to a chandlery”

  1. I can see how this place would be great fun for the “ancient mariner.” Ha, ha, ha, ha…

    Re the ice cream shoppe: That sign was all in fun. It’s run by a woman and her daughter both of whom are fun and funny and we had a great time!

  2. Always one of my favorite spots to visit – there is a great one in Bellingham. It has a huge supply of nautical charts – several of which I’ve purchased – not to navigate a boat – but to use in crafts – a little something for everyone.

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