Dungeness Kayaking

Dungeness Kayaking

This outfit is well positioned to take visitors kayaking on local waters. Local knowledge can be a matter of life and death. Last year a couple of kayaking visitors lost their lives when they didn’t take weather advisories seriously. Morning calm can be deceptive; afternoon winds can turn suddenly ferocious.

6 thoughts on “Dungeness Kayaking”

  1. I’ve been kayaking once. It was OK but in a small creek off the Silver River. You aren’t in any danger unless you tease an alligator and then fall out of the kayak. I’m not sure I’d want to kayak up your way. Or anywhere, actually. I prefer solid ground and a camera in my hand. 🙂

  2. Really! I like to take visitors out kayaking, and it usually feels like floating in a bathtub. Maybe I should heed this caution.

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