8 thoughts on “Barn rerun…sorta”

  1. Something seemed out of whack…the trees look huge relative to the barn. Aha! The trees are on a hill behind the barn, right? Whew. That would have ruined my golf game trying to figure that out! 🙂

  2. Hi Kay,
    Have viewed and enjoyed this site for several years. Wonderful job! Lately, the photos look fuzzy and slightly out of focus. This is present on both my iPhone and iPad. The accompanying text looks normal. Photos on other websites are normal.
    Don’t know if the problem is on my end or your end. Any ideas?

    1. Gary, the photos I posted on Monday and Tuesday of this week weren’t in perfect focus. The cafe shot on Monday was quickly done on the sly. Tuesday’s Special Olympics shots were action shots, hand held. Flash was forbidden and the action blurred. Today’s shot was taken on a grey day, at a distance and then cropped. The trees are much softened by this and the other lines are too. I hope these were the only days you’ve experienced problems as other shots I’ve posted recently have been more crisp. I hope this helps! Kay

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