8 thoughts on “La Paw Spa”

  1. Names can be deceiving eh.
    Thanks for the offer to send links for the Dungeness Light Station. Your blog has a search bar and I was able to find a few links including one from November 12, 2010. Every year I drive to east coast provinces and take a different driving tour. This year I will be going to Cape Breton Island. I always like to search out and take pictures of lighthouse. Here is a link I use to locate them. It also has maps of your part of the world. Hope you find it useful Kay. http://www.lighthousefriends.com/index.html

  2. Who knew? Yes, I am always surprised a bit to see new services for dogs and cats. We have adopted Wendy who was hit by a car, fracturing her pelvis and breaking her right rear leg. We have committed ourselves to her care, including taking her to an animal chiropractor every 3 months. Animal chiropractor? Who knew?!

  3. Curious, indeed! We will invest a lot nowadays to keep our pets healthy, won’t we? They may need some better branding/marketing so the public understands the Spa isn’t a place to take Spot for a massage and haircut.

  4. Looks like a great place…we have several of these kinds of places here but they”re for horses.

    Re your comment on Ocala: That’s amazing. I’ve mentioned the movie, “The Boy with the Green Hair” to a number of people and very few have ever heard of it. When I was in my early teens I attended Louis Pasteur Jr. High School in Los Angeles. One of my classmates was the lead actor in that movie. I didn’t know him personally – we ran in different circles, but he seemed like a nice kid, although he was often absent from school. Go figure!

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