9 thoughts on “Red barn”

    1. Ron, this is just to the east of Hooker Road. Drive south on Hooker from Highway 101. It’s on the first or second road that intersects from the left.

  1. It’s a nice old barn. For some reason it looks to be a dairy barn. Maybe it’s that addition in the back where the separator would be and the cans. Brings back nice memories of my youth.

    Re: the Tesla: This car is so new and there are so few of them on the road, that I think most people wouldn’t know one if they saw one. But they are beauties…all electric…and very expensive. We have several “charging stations” for such cars here in Ocala. I think they are the future!

  2. What a beautiful shade of red. Surely someone could put this beauty to good commercial use? Hard to stay current when on vacation, but I’ll be back!!

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