8 thoughts on “That barn”

  1. What every you have Kay I have it too. I am trying to break the bad habit of driving past something that catches my eye.

  2. I am going to make a note to myself to go “barn hunting” after I get back to Minnesota (during the spring, however!) because I love the varied shapes and conditions of barns and farms that surround our city. I always “intend” to do a barn theme but never seem to get around to it. Always enjoy the photos you post with barns on them.

  3. Well, I’m glad you finally did it. The barn offers a spectacular sight and your photo is superb! I especially like the silo in the back. It could use a little TLC but appears to have good bones. (That’s what they used to say about me. Now they leave off the part about “good bones.” Isn’t that sad?)

  4. Oh I’m glad you did finally take a picture – that is one wonderful barn. Wasn’t the weather today glorious? We saw a lot of eagles – seems to be mating season so soon they will be nesting.

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