The new Railroad Bridge trestle

Bridge perspective

The new trestle on the Railroad Bridge has been completed, opened, and dedicated. After nearly a year since the old trestle was damaged in flooding, I can humbly say it was well worth the wait. Thank you, Jamestown S’Klallam!

Bridge new and old

The Jamestown S’Klallam tribe, which owns the property, led the $1.53 million replacement project and solicited grant funding to contribute to the work. The new steel span has fewer piers in the Dungeness River and was designed to help restore the river’s salmon habitat. Railings are high on the new deck but there are plans for an observation section.

Cedar bough

S’Klallam tribal elders performed a blessing ceremony last week at the formal opening of the bridge. Cedar boughs were blessed and used as a ceremonial “ribbon” to cut and visitors at the ceremony brushed the sides of the bridge with boughs as they traversed. We are blessed to have this beautiful span which is also a link in the Olympic Discovery Trail.

7 thoughts on “The new Railroad Bridge trestle”

  1. Good news for the old bridge. Same thing happening here. Many of the old railway right of ways are being turned into hiking trails.

  2. Beautiful. Is it part of a larger, longer trail. I know in many places, including Florida, old railroad beds have been converted into trails for biking, hiking, skiing, etc. This is one great trestle.

    Thanks for your very funny comment on Ocala: Giraffis Neckitis indeed!

  3. Lots going on here in this photo: lovely looking wood, great shadow patterns, and I love the cultural Indian information.

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