Life 100 years ago

Modern plumbing 1

The Shafer Baillie Mansion in Seattle offers an insight into the modern life of the wealthy a hundred years ago. We can also see early versions of today’s technology. The shower above is a pioneering form of shower massage.

Modern plumbling

Here are the shower controls. Happily this was not in our room. I don’t require staff for daily activities but can see the appeal of a lady’s maid to confront these controls every morning.

Phone and light switch

I was taken enough with this phone and light switch to photograph them but neglected to look carefully enough at this early communications device. I think it’s an intercom.

Shafer Baillie newel post

Sadly the fine, detailed craftsmanship that made so many places beautiful is largely a thing of the past.

6 thoughts on “Life 100 years ago”

  1. This year has flown by. Amazing the changes that occurred over the past 100.

    Your pictures are a great window into the past. The intricate woodworking is beautiful.

  2. I’m still attracted to the past so long as you don’t go too far back in the past and I can keep the medical advances we have made! That’s quite a shower contraption. And I, too, love that staircase!

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