Mansion living

Shafer Baillie library

A one night stay in the Shafer Baillie Mansion in Seattle was an interesting taste of how the other half might have lived a hundred years ago. The ground floor of the mansion was equipped with a library, above, a large dining room, and a lovely sun room. The kitchen and any other working spaces for servants were, naturally, behind closed doors.

Shafer Baillie living room

The living room was decorated for Christmas. I took this shot with my phone. Not bad, eh?

Shafer Baillie guest room

This is one of the bed and breakfast guest rooms which would have been part of the family quarters when it was a residence.

Arched doorway

I was taken with the gorgeous woodwork. I’ll show you a few more details tomorrow.

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  1. That is definitely my kind of place. I wouldn’t want to leave! The woodwork is so beautiful, and I love all those rooms, especially the library!

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