Winter at the marina

John Wayne Marina

I’m a winter wimp. I don’t think of boating once the weather starts getting cold and wet. I was surprised when I saw how many boats are still bobbing about in the John Wayne Marina. In December, mind you.

Boat launch

This was the third boat that launched while I was there for lunch the other day…much heartier souls than yours truly.

4 thoughts on “Winter at the marina”

  1. No bubble up pumps needed (so far) this winter to keep the water around the boats circulating. It’s not over yet. January and February can be brutal.

  2. I love that first shot…such great colors and I love boats and marinas. We were at Cedar Key today and the place was jammed with people, boats and trailers. We rode our bikes around – about 4 1/2 miles – but it was so hot … about 85 degrees!

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