Hail, hail


We had a cloudburst on Friday afternoon and the heavens broke loose with a downpour of hail. It lasted long enough to whiten the road. Then it punctuated the performance with lightning and thunder. It was all over in 15-20 minutes though there were still unmelted piles of hail in shady spots and along the sides of the trail on Saturday.

7 thoughts on “Hail, hail”

  1. That must have been rather scary. I remember one May 31, I arrived in Denver for a conference. It was about 65 degrees and had no meetings that afternoon so decided to play some golf. Got to the golf course and set out on the first hole. Clouds formed quickly over the mountains in the background. By the time we finished that hole, the whole course was white with hail and the temperature had dropped to the mid-30s.

    We gave up and went back to the hotel for some liquid refreshment. 🙂 May 31!!!!

  2. Hail is pretty amazing, isn’t it? When in South Africa last month, there were two huge hailstorms — in their SUMMER! — that dropped several inches of snow-like hail. Most melted by the next morning, but it was a phenomenon I had not seen before.

  3. Wow – hail ! We had a bit but it was during a rainstorm so nothing really showed up. Another storm on the way. We did get down to Skagit and saw thousands of snow geese.

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