The Shires

Shires 1

Last week I posted a shot of a barn and mentioned my affection for the Shire draft horses that live at the farm. Though the horses have been pastured lately at some distance from the road, here are a few older shots that can show you these beautiful animals.

Shires 2

They are big and solid looking horses.

Shires 3

The Shires at this farm are used for plowing and the farmer has taught classes in how to work with horses.

7 thoughts on “The Shires”

  1. Those are truly superb creatures. I’ve only seen them in person a few times. But I always loved the Budweiser commercials. Are these actually used in the farming process or mostly as part of the instruction? Can’t imagine using them for real these days. I would guess it’s not easy controlling these down row after row of whatever is planted. Nice photos, too, Kay!

    1. Yes, they’re used as work horses. They are plowing a field in the third shot and are used for farming. The rows I saw were straight and true and the horses work steadily. They seem very gentle and solid.

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