Snow in autumn

Snow line 1

Living at the base of a mountain range I’m taken with how visual snowfall can be. Our weather forecasts says how low snow is expected and when it falls a dusting of white will cap the peaks like a bowl haircut.

I went up near the snowline the other day. The trees across the valley were freshly dusted in a frosty stripe at a higher elevation. There had been some earlier snow where I visited, about as low as it’s come so far, about 1200 feet.

6 thoughts on “Snow in autumn”

  1. This is a beautiful photo…I hadn’t really thought much about the snowline, although in Colorado you can see from afar where the snow ends and the green or brown continues. Pretty soon you’ll have snow on the ground?

    And thank you again, it was soooo beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks for this beautiful picture, Kay. We were just up to Sequim yesterday to check on our house that is being built by the Spit, and saw the beautiful snow-dusted mountains. What a gorgeous site!

  3. Wonderful photos – I love pictures with snow in them. When they say the snow level is at 1,000 feet we will almost always get some snow, and once it falls it stays in our yard for weeks, as we are in the coldest area in Bellingham I think. Hopefully our snow level will stay up higher – I don’t need any snow.

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