The everything store

Sunny Farms 1

Sunny Farms is something of an “everything” store. In addition to the nursery and farm store, there are groceries, a small deli, butcher, produce, and supplements. This time of year the nursery comes to life.

Sunny Farms 2

The area in front of the store is packed with life: hanging baskets, flowers in small and large containers, shrubs, and trees. I find it hard to shop there this time of year without bringing home some sort of “growie” that I hadn’t intended to fall in love with. Next door in the nursery are veggie starts and a variety of deciduous, evergreen, and fruiting trees and bushes.

Sunny Farms 3

It doesn’t help those with weak will that they make their stock appealing. It’s dazzling after a long winter.

9 thoughts on “The everything store”

  1. Hi Kay, would you mind sending a quick email…I’ve tried to send you two over the past week or so and they both come back…did you make any changes or maybe I somehow screwed up the email I had.


  2. It looks like a good garden center. I don’t know of any “everything stores” in my areas, but I’ll bet they are there.

  3. It’s nice you have such a store in your area. Such a beautiful array of flora! But you’ve reminded me I need to trim some bushes today. It’s been hot and rainy and things are getting out of control fast!

    Thanks so much for your email. Much appreciated.

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