Upstairs at the new Civic Center

Civic Center Public Works

The new Sequim City Hall has two stories. The second story, shown here, is shared by the Public Works Department and Community Development. This is a view of the front counter/reception area taken from the Public Works side of the building looking toward the Community Development Department. In the Community Development area are offices for the City Attorney, City Clerk, City Manager, Human Resources Manager, assistants, and volunteers.

Civic Center Public Works 2

The Public Works side houses offices of the Public Works and Community Development Directors, City Engineer, Public Works Operations Manager, Planner, and other officials, a copy room, archives, and a library. There are conference rooms on each side of the building. At the back end of this floor is a staff fitness/wellness room and a lunch/break room.

The new Civic Center has been built with expectation of attaining LEED certification, given to buildings meeting various criteria for green building practices that promote healthy occupants and sound energy practices.

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  1. That red desk brings back to my mind a question I had on the earlier days. Why didn’t they introduce a bit more color? It might have added some extra interest to the modern spaces.

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