Local royalty

Irrigation royalty 1

This weekend is our 120th annual Irrigation Festival which celebrates the irrigation that made agriculture viable on the Sequim prairie. And, like any other respectable community festival, we have royalty and a parade. The parade is today. The royal court, selected a few months back, frequents many community events during their reign. And, as befits a queen and her princesses, ours make their public appearances in gowns and tiaras.

Irrigation royalty 2

They readily pose for photographs, in this case about 10 feet down the sidewalk from the previous portrait…giving me an opportunity to shoot them both coming and going.

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  1. So much fun for young women! Incidentally, I am now in the 5th day of a miserable bout of Verdigo so my posting, visiting, and commenting are proving difficult, but I will eventually be back in full swing again. Have a good week-end!

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