The new police station

Civic Center police records

The Sequim Police Station has lately been located in a back corner of a shopping center, not far from Penney’s. The new Civic Center will bring it back under one roof with other City Hall operations. Most residents will see this area of the station, the records room, which is behind the open reception area on the first floor. Like the rest of the building last week, the room is stark and bare, waiting for workers who will call it home. But the room is striking. Like most of the building, natural light streams in and brightens the interior rooms and one strong impression of the rooms is how light they seem.

Civic Center police hallway

Even a hallway, running through a warren of small offices, interview, and conference rooms, seems bright. Natural light comes from the offices on the right side of this shot.

Civic Center police squad room

This is the squad room where the officers will work. To the left are holding cells. This room, and an adjacent one where shift sergeants work, were designed to provide clear line of sight into the holding cells. Any signs of trouble can be readily seen; any officers working in this area have ready, eyes-on backup.

Civic Center police gun cleaning

It doesn’t look like much, but this gun-cleaning area is a real boon. Not only is it set up to safely receive lead waste that comes from cleaning, it also has a pretty robust-looking ventilation system. A nearby storage area is protected by a refurbished safe door salvaged from the former building.

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  1. It looks very nice and modern. I’m sure the staff will enjoy working in such pleasant conditions. Natural light really makes a difference IMO.

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