Inside the new civic center

Civic Center lobby

Though it won’t be open for business until May 18 the community was invited into the new Sequim Civic Center last week for a public open house. After months of watching the building progress it was great to have a walk through to see what’s in store. The photo, above, is of the first floor building lobby not long after the doors were thrown open. Within a couple of hours this area was packed with visitors.

Civic Center council chambers

The building feels bright and open…partly because furnishings are still being moved in and assembled. This is the new city council chambers. The dais is populated with computer screens and will have connections for all manner of devices. The rest of the room, so far, is empty.

Civic Center inside acctg

This is a view from inside the accounting and finance office toward its reception and bill paying area where visitors are standing. Beyond the gathering of people is the reception area for police services. Many areas in the new building have work cubicles assembled and in place. But it looks oh so brand new without chairs and the personality that people bring to a workplace.

The woman in green standing at the door to the right, above, is at an entrance to the new police services area of the building. Visitors were taken on tours of this area. Tomorrow I’ll show you some of what lies behind the scenes in our new police station.

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  1. I’m glad you were finally able to get inside. I found your photo project on this new building very interesting.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this, but missed all you civic center photos while battling vertigo (first day relatively free, Wed, 5/13). So happy to see all that you photographed today and a few other days.

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