More Chihuly

Chihuly pillars

It’s a short walk from the Museum of Glass in Tacoma to see more Dale Chihuly work. Some, like the pillars above, is displayed on a bridge that leads across Interstate 705 from the glass museum to several other nearby museums. (Rain discouraged much outdoor photography.)


We chose to have a look at Union Station (now a federal courthouse). The station was designed by Reed and Stem, architects of Grand Central Station in New York City, and opened in 1911. You may see a hint of one Chihuly display in the large arched window.


There are four large Chihuly pieces on display in the station rotunda, a great location for pieces of this scale. To give you a sense of its size, this shot was taken from the second floor, looking across the rotunda.

Chihuly circle

Here’s a shot looking through the big, round piece in the last photo.

Chihuly poppies 1

Each end of the station has a large, arched window. This one looks back toward the glass museum. You might see the turquoise Chihuly pillars from my first shot, above, in the background.

Chihuly poppies 2

These poppies are probably about two feet wide. They’re radiant.

6 thoughts on “More Chihuly”

  1. I would be beside myself with happiness and pleasure if I could see these Chihuly creations, esp the arched windows. I would also be beside myself with joy if I owned a Chihuly piece of glass art.

  2. Oh how I loved visiting the museum a few years back (and it was sunny!!!) I don’t like all Chihuly but was nevertherless enthralled by the bridge. Never made it to the courthouse, decided to go to Proctor St. instead… 🙂

  3. You have shown us a wide range of the glass work of Chihuly and his team. Regardless of how people think about his forms, it is hard to criticize the brilliant colors so often found in Chihuly works.

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