Dale Chihuly on paper

Chihuly dwg 1

Though he has work exhibited worldwide, the exuberant glass of Dale Chihuly is synonymous with the Pacific Northwest. A Tacoma native, the Museum of Glass in Tacoma currently exhibits a large collection of his two dimensional work on paper.

Chihuly dwg 2

The works are as wild and vivid as their execution in glass. Tomorrow I’ll show you some of his glass on display.

5 thoughts on “Dale Chihuly on paper”

  1. I have seen Chihuly’s paintings before, as well as a video showing him creating them. This seems to be the way he communicates to his team what he wants them to create in glass. That has always raised in my mind questions about whether the glass works should be called Chihuly’s own creations, or whether the collaboration and room for interpretation by the glass artists means the final works are more properly thought of as works by the Chihuly studio.

  2. I have been following Chihuly’s career for years and love his work. How I would love to own one teeny-tiny piece of his glass work. Ha! Fat Chance! Part of my appreciation is also my own interest in glass. Have a former student who does great work in glass art as well and I love watching him. Jack (above) has made some interesting statements, but all the old Masters did the same thing with their studio apprentices and craftsmen so Chihuly’s method in his own studio with his artist/workers does not bother me at all. It is true that Chihuly’s life and academic work is from the Pacific Southwest but I need to give some credit to the Midwest, too! Chihuly began experimenting with glassblowing in 1965, and in 1966 he received a full scholarship to attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison. From there it’s all history!!

  3. Kay, I know it’s the Pacific NORTHWEST; don’t know why I said Southwest. . .guess it’s always on my mind!!

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