Patra Passage

Patra passage 3

I’m bringing you back to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma for a few more days.

The exhibit where this vessel is displayed is called “Patra Passage” and is a mixture of art, community involvement, and meditation. The word “patra” in Sanskrit means “the vessel that never goes empty” and served as inspiration for this exhibit which includes 108 ceramic bowls created by artist Lynda Lowe. Like alms bowls carried by monks in many cultures, the bowls represent the acts of giving and receiving; for monks it is the meditation that whatever is received in the bowl is enough for the day.

Patra passage 1

Each of the 108 Petra bowls began a one year journey at the Museum of Glass in late September 2013 as they were given to individuals who kept them for up to four months and then in turn gave them to someone else.

Patra passage 2

The bowls moved through the hands of 496 people, given as gifts and then regifted until it was time for them to return to the museum. They now are available for purchase and the proceeds will be given to local and international charities. The exhibit closes May 10.

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  1. Thanks!
    I m glad you told us about the Sanskrit, because I thought “Patra” referred to the port town in Greece.

  2. Isn’t this a clever and creative idea! I am a bit disappointed that no one gifted one of these bowls to me to care for before sending it on.

    So, that little cutie with the phone was you? I’ll bet you are still a little cutie today.

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