The spice of Sequim

Sequim Spice

Sequim Spice and Tea relocated onto West Washington Street last year, into a spot that assures them better visibility and foot traffic. I wandered in for the first time last fall as I squired visitors around town. They sell bulk herbs and spices: the usual things you’d expect in a typical spice rack plus blends, seasonings, and flavored salts and sugars to add new zest to your cooking.

Sequim Spice 2

There are bulk teas in a back corner. Though I haven’t sampled any, some of them smell delightful.

Sequim Spice 3

Here’s what to look for if you come to town. This is the former location of Pacific Mist Books which closed when the owner retired to leave town and care for her mother.

10 thoughts on “The spice of Sequim”

  1. I am glad to see that a closed bookstore space was put to good use, although I would mourn its loss. The inventory of the new shop certainly appeals to me, too. It has a very attractive front entrance. I’d probably become a regular customer as I always try to find ways to spice up my life.

  2. People actually use all this stuff? Well, you must use some of it or you wouldn’t have been in the store! : ) Re your comment on Ocala: I think your neighbors would probably send you a one-way ticket to Florida. I’ve noticed that Washingtonians are much more sophisticated than Floridians. That’s why you have no kitsch and lots of spices!

  3. I have been surprised to see a couple of spice stores filling large spaces in West Hartford. The smell is wonderful and lots of people seem to be in the stores. This one looks good. Good luck to them.

  4. We tried some loose teas…some were good, others so so. A nice pleasant little shop. We always try to buy something and then we feel like we are helping out the local economy? We were sorry to see Red Rooster Grocery across the street leave.

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