Hug a duck


This is Peeper Squeak, a Swedish blue duck. He hangs out at Sequim’s Museum and Arts Center on Fridays while his person volunteers there. He’s large – almost as big as a Canada goose – and a friendly sort, curious, and full of personality. He submits to wearing costumes around various holidays (there’s a picture of him costumed in the background above). And he likes to hug. Have you ever hugged a duck? Peeper Squeak has an autograph book of people he’s hugged and so far he’s hugged people from 40 U.S. states and counting.

Duck hug

I’d never hugged a duck. Peeper Squeak is the first, and probably the last. Really, how often do you come across hugging ducks?

8 thoughts on “Hug a duck”

  1. He’s cute. And I love your hugging photo. I’d recommend holding him at arm’s length, though, for obvious reasons! 🙂 I’ve never met a duck who could be hugged, but these days I’ll believe most anything. I saw a picture yesterday of a chicken that loved to be hugged. The world has gone nuts!

  2. Oh my goodness — that’s unbelievable! Looking at the first pic, I thought Peeper Squeak may be…well…stuffed. But, he’s alive and well and…hugging! Right when you think you’ve seen/heard it all!

  3. A mighty bird, indeed. I certainly hope that this duck is not overly fond of his personal space that seems to be violated on a regular basis. Love the idea of seasonal garb for the duck.

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