Mystery mural

Downtown mural

This mural is in downtown Sequim. I’ve passed it countless times and even after photographing it I have to admit I know nothing about it. (Unless, of course, its title is “Fire Lane” by “No Parking.”) What’s interesting is that the “painter” on the right side is a separate piece, attached to the mural itself.

10 thoughts on “Mystery mural”

  1. It bugs me when I see a mural with no info about the artist or the scene. It bugs me even more when I can’t find any info on the internet either.

  2. I love a good mystery! I will have to look up the artist No Parking to see if he has any other works. This one is quite good! 😉

  3. Well, I wouldn’t park there and I’d probably get all fired up and want to find out more about this delightful mural – it’s a great scene and thanks for the info about the painter being a separate piece – I wouldn’t have known that.

  4. Great mural – you’d think city hall would have some information – or maybe a local museum. Or maybe you can find some old guys sitting on benches around town and ask them. Love the photo.

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