Old house

You know how some things just catch your eye? This house is one of those things. It doesn’t seem inhabited yet it doesn’t seem entirely abandoned, either. That ignites my curiosity.

Old house porch

The other day when we drove by there was a vase of daffodils on the porch. Can you see why the place interests me?

9 thoughts on “Whimsical”

  1. I’m pretty sure this house is unoccupied. The front door is boarded over (notice: no door knob), there are vines across the porch, and there’s no typical step up to the porch. No curtains in the windows. I haven’t driven by to check it out at night but I don’t think I’d find lights on. I’ve never seen a car parked there.

  2. I noticed the flowers immediately. Kinda creepy to me. I wonder if someone passed away there…and that’s why it’s vacant.

  3. That place needs more than flowers to spruce it up. I have a feeling that it could be terrific with some TLC. I like the lines of the house.

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