Here comes de Dung!

Collage Tour 2015 1

The annual “Tour de Dung” bicycle races were yesterday. It’s “Dung” as in “Dungeness,” the region in Sequim where the racers ride each year. If the weather could have been better I can’t imagine how; it was a cool, beautiful day.

Collage Tour 2015 2

I took fewer photos than in past years. Other projects called. I had fun with some shots; I’ll show those to you tomorrow.

Additional races are scheduled for next Saturday. I may check it out then, too. It’s one of my favorite local events and I love settling down for a front row seat.

Locals: Keep a lookout for riders next Saturday and drive with care.

6 thoughts on “Here comes de Dung!”

  1. Yikes!
    OMG I was thinking ‘cow dung’ when I first saw the post. Some sort of obstacle course on bikes through a cow pasture… just thinkin.

  2. Looks like a fun event — and challenging to photograph. You and the cyclists must have been in heaven with that brilliant blue sky!

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