Green and growing

LQ Mossy roof

We didn’t immerse ourselves in the rain forest last week when we went out west. Our loss. I am convinced that the rainforests of western Washington are where God invented the color green…and, probably, moss. It is a world carpeted in moss, muffled, softened, and damp – if not downright spongy.

LQ Chimney

This is the chimney of the massive fireplace at Lake Quinault Lodge. It, like so many other surfaces, grows abundant moss, and ferns anywhere they can gain a toehold. When I first saw the wooden carving that runs up the chimney I thought it was a totem pole. Then I discovered it was a rain gauge. It’s marked in feet. There is a plaque marked by a small red cross that notes record rainfall. It rests at about 15 and a quarter feet.

The beak of the bird on the gauge, by the way, is covered in moss.

5 thoughts on “Green and growing”

  1. I can’t think of or see moss without thinking of Elizabeth Gilbert’s (sp?) book, The Signature of All Things—one of my favorite books of 2014. After her insipid novel, Eat, Pray, Love, I didn’t expect to read a book of such high quality and interest from her, but read a review and loved the book. Your photos intrigue me and I love all the greenery. After my first trip to the state of Washington years ago, I told anyone who would listen about the gorgeous shades of green I saw there. Lucky you; if I were younger I would relocate. Enjoy your magnificent state!!

  2. That mossy roof reminds me of the utility shed’s roof back in West Hartford. I let the moss grown because I thought it had charm, and now I worry that it will be just one more negative to buyers when I finally get around to putting the house on the market.

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