Between storms

Grey days

There have been breaks between storms – yesterday was one – but it seems as if it’s been raining for days and days. More is forecast. The bridge at Railroad Park was damaged by flowing debris and is closed, breaking a link for through traffic on the Olympic Discovery Trail.

9 thoughts on “Between storms”

  1. Strange, isn’t it? You get tons of rain, and other places, like California, are dry as dust.

    Re your comment on the post today at Ocala: Crap, I can’t fool you at all! It’s a great comment, though! You’re right on. I thought I did a pretty good job with the Photoshopping, though. You just know me and you have a suspicious mind! :))

  2. We really enjoyed the break between storms yesterday too – went up to Rockport and Marblemount to see “all” the Bald Eagles – all we saw was the tail of one as it landed in a cedar tree – not one other eagle – but got a great photo of a kingfisher and a lot of moss on the trees up there. Saw warning signs all over saying “Elk Crossing” but didn’t see any elk either – good thing it was a pretty and partly sunny day anyway. Have you ever been up to Rockport to see (hopefully) the eagles on the river?

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