Not much left

Three crabs after

This is about all that’s left of the 3 Crabs Restaurant, once a local institution. It was one of those seafood joints that earned a place on the map, especially for tourists coming to the Olympic Peninsula. It was open for nearly 60 years until it was sold in 2012 to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for wetlands restoration. The 3 Crabs sat on a very nice 52-acre parcel. It is at the shoreline of Dungeness Bay, just beyond the line of shrubbery in the distance.

A sidewalk into the restaurant still slices across the land, going nowhere. And there is a line of risers, probably for the septic system. These and the foundation shown here will eventually be excavated and removed.

Three crabs before

This is what it looked like shortly after it shuttered for good. The sign is gone from the front of the building. I suspect it was sold to a souvenir hunter with fond memories of the place.

7 thoughts on “Not much left”

  1. There’s a line in an old hymn: Time makes ancient good uncouth. Time goes on and things change and everything goes out of synch for awhile. It can be unnerving or downright scary.

    Thanks for your comment on Ocala … I lived in southern California, too. Still my favorite place in the whole country. When I read what you said about figs, I thought, well, that fig-ures! 🙂

  2. It certainly seems strange when a well-known landmark is taken down. I hope the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife does a good job restoring the wetlands.

  3. A sad day when a favorite is shut down – but good for the environment when land is restored to habitat. Is anyone going to open a new restaurant somewhere else in town?

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