Red-winged blackbirds hang out here year round. This fellow repeatedly chortled his song as I took his picture and each time he did he displayed his wings. We thought he was showing off for nearby ladies but my Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior calls it a territorial display. Sort of a birdie version of “MySpace.”

I love that shoulder patch. It’s a great flash of color in winter.

8 thoughts on “Showoff”

  1. Super capture, Kay. Both the black and red are intense shades . . . it’s a lovely photo and should be published in a bird or garden book.

  2. Alright, now you’re just showing off! Fantastic photo. Frame it and hang it, again! This is just a gorgeous shot in every way – it’s framed perfectly, the light is wonderful and that bird is sharp as a tack. The splash of red makes the whole thing zing!

  3. Wow – fabulous shot – I still have yet to get a really good photo of a red winged blackbird – they always flit off so fast, or are too far away. But we do hear them down by the ponds – love the sound and last night we heard a frog.

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