Theme Day: What would you miss most?

Feb theme day

This month’s challenge to City Daily Photo bloggers is more descriptive than usual: If you had to leave forever the city from which you usually post, what would you miss most?

Although there are many things I would unquestionably miss, if you’ve followed this blog you probably can anticipate my answer: the Olympic Mountains. They form for me the visual identity of home. And while the landscape of our region is gorgeous, as you can see here, our mountain boundary is a backdrop that never fails to define beauty for me. We’re blessed: seashore, forests, farmlands, rivers, wilderness, and wildlife, not to mention wonderful people. I’d miss it all if I had to leave and I pray that will never be necessary.

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16 thoughts on “Theme Day: What would you miss most?”

  1. It is an exquisite view, clear photograph to illustrate your feelings. You also eloquently described the landscape and your love for it.

  2. The simplicity of the barn enhances the majestic feel of the mountains.

    May you never have to leave your mountains! Happy Theme Day!


  3. Hi Kay, beautiful photo and wonderful explanation. Leaving would be tough. Olympic Mountains left a big impression on us the few times we have been to Sequim. Happy Theme Day

  4. Absolutely stunning – one of your best shots so far – and you have many great ones. I would have to divide my loyalties between the mountains and the ocean – though a good mountain is hard to beat.

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