Four ducks

I took a number of shots of these ducks as they swam in a shallow pond. It wasn’t until they took off, however, that they looked interesting to me.

Message to City Daily Photo bloggers: The photo challenge for February 1st is If you had to leave forever the city from which you usually post, what would you miss most?

6 thoughts on “Flight”

  1. Great composition – great clouds – but I’m telling you, even I am getting a little tired of the rain and clouds – and I’m the last one to wish rain away – usually.

  2. Nicely done, Kay! In fact, it’s just ducky! (Wonder where that expression came from). I used to know the guy who wrote “Rubber Ducky.” In fact, we did some music together. Haven’t heard about him in years, though. He may have gone the way of all ducks.

  3. i love it when they fly away … less noise. i know when i hear them flying at night even when completely dark … they are super loud. my Dad finds it odd that they do fly at night but i swear they do. ha. ha!! enjoy your weekend!! ( :

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