Winter bird


I’m fairly certain this is a song sparrow. They’re year round residents here and are common. They like marshy areas such as where I found this one. I’m always impressed that little critters like this can survive outdoors when I get chilled even wearing layers.

Message to City Daily Photo bloggers: The photo challenge for February 1st is If you had to leave forever the city from which you usually post, what would you miss most?

6 thoughts on “Winter bird”

  1. I have so much trouble identifying the little birds. Sparrow? Warbler? Wren? Until I see one wearing an identifying label, they are just little birds to me.

  2. A bird on a cat tail! That’s something! If he tried to sit on one of our cat’s tails, he’d be very very sorry very quickly! :))

    Cute shot, Kay! Thanks for your nice comment on Ocala today. More pics tomorrow.

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