Bird food

Woodpecker work

I found this tree a few years ago at Old Fort Townsend State Park. It looks to me like a popular site for woodpeckers.

I know there are some tough ways to make a living in the natural world. And metaphorically speaking, this reminds me of one or two jobs I’ve had. But for sheer dumb effort to survive, woodpeckers have to rank pretty high on the list, don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “Bird food”

  1. I know woodpeckers can make a racket. Some years back we lived on the 2nd floor of a condo in Ft. Lauderdale and had a big palm tree just outside our living room window and that tree was a favorite of woodpeckers. Jeeez they made a lot of noise and beat up the tree pretty good, too.

    Love this photo!

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