Posted again


This is a re-post of another of my favorite shots. To me it represents our rural life, the history that comes with it, and the mossy damp of Washington.

And here’s an admission: I haven’t gotten out much lately with my camera. The weather’s been snotty when I’ve had time. And there’s been the stuff of life. Like a new internet service provider, a big deal in our household. “Slow” barely described our previous service…and it was getting slower. Then there’s a cascade of impacts from that. A new email address and a big network that uses it. And a whole bunch of other stuff. No complaints here. But not a lot of extra time, either.

I’ll get back outside with my camera for more new shots…very soon. Do stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Posted again”

  1. Count me in as staying inside. The temperatures are bitterly cold here. I do get out but my fingers start to freeze up. I don’t last very long.

  2. I like this shot, so as long as you’ve got this kind of photo in your archives, you can stay in and keep warm!

    Computers, Internets, and all things associated with those two tend to drive me nuts. But hopefully, your troubles in those areas are over!

  3. I like this photo too, Kay.

    I know how tough it can be to make changes concerning Internet providers, new computers, new systems…all very frustrating. I hope all is well soon.

  4. Love this photo – I agree – it does represent our area very well. We’ve been indoors a lot too – so not many new pictures – I’m ready for a sunny day at Birch Bay.

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