Summer dreams and winter mania

Mystery Bay boat

Here’s another favorite shot from 2014, taken at Mystery Bay on Marrowstone Island. The view here is sublime and is especially nice to see since it’s on the way to a great place to camp, Fort Flagler State Park. It’s about an hour’s drive from Sequim.

A pier not far from this spot is the location of an annual polar bear plunge on January 1st. Crazy people Intrepids hurl themselves into local waters for reasons that elude me, especially when the ambient air temperature is in the mid-20s.

7 thoughts on “Summer dreams and winter mania”

  1. Nice to see a summer scene. While I am sitting here with a deep freeze outside it reminds that there are better days ahead.
    PS: Nice reflection.

  2. What a beautiful scene – I do love the views in our area. They do that Polar Bear Plunge thing in Birch Bay too – people come from as far away as Germany to do it. We didn’t know it was an event on New Year’s Day and went to Birch Bay on that day last year – NEVER AGAIN – it is a very touristy place – but it was beyond crazy with people walking down the middle of the street, shivering and soaked, cars everywhere – I never saw such huge crowds – now we avoid it on that day. Crazy people indeed.

  3. A beautiful shot, and quite warm!

    We have polar bear dips here on New Year’s Day as well. I find the practice baffling, and I’m one of those who actually loves the cold.

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