It isn’t lemonade

Preserved lemons

In a comment yesterday Kibi waxed poetic on the joys of preserved lemons. It just so happened that I’d started this jar of preserved lemons the night before. Last night I topped off the juice and it’s on its way to total deliciousness.

I couldn’t find an online link to it but if you can put your hands on the current January 2015 issue of Sunset magazine there is a simple recipe for preserved lemons. I’ll be deploying an accompanying recipe that’s next to it, chicken with preserved Meyer lemons and olives, as soon as this batch is ready for prime time. And if you can’t find Sunset and want the recipes, leave a comment. I’m sure I can help out.

6 thoughts on “It isn’t lemonade”

  1. Sunset Magazine certainly guards its content. I couldn’t find anything on their official site as well as on others yet I did find recipes from preserving lemons on other sites. Your photo makes the process look very appealing!!

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